Parent Education

Every child is unique (temperament and personality) and has different ways of interacting with the environment. You have probably already learned this with your own children. One parenting style can work effectively on one child and not the other. You must meet your child where he or she is and not the other way around. When your child is acting out or having an emotional meltdown, it can be challenging for you to keep your own emotions under control. Don’t get on the roller coaster mentioned above with them. It’s your job to listen and de-escalate. When children are upset, just like adults, they can’t think rationally and make proper decisions. Encourage them to pause and take deep breaths to get to a place of calm before trying to problem solve the situation.

Sparkman Counseling & Educational Consulting provides teaching tools, supportive therapy, and consultation to parents for identifying and responding to their children. Therapy can also help parents relieve some of their own anxiety and worries about their role and competency as a parent. I work with parents to help them feel secure, confident and empowered.